Services for Ministries and Agencies


GENE participants from European Ministries and Agencies

GENE works with Ministries of Education, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Development Agencies and other national bodies with co-ordinating responsibility for Global Education at the national level. The network itself is focused on policy sharing and policy learning, where participants can draw inspiration from each other’s experience and knowledge.

The GENE Secretariat supports this function through GENE networking, quality standard-setting, peer review, support for the development of quality national strategies, policy analysis focused on cross-cutting, cross-border issues of quality, and advisory support for the development of quality funding structures and mechanisms.

Some of this is done through the core programme areas, but GENE also offers tailored support on an ad-hoc basis at the request of individual GENE participants. The type of support varies from country to country, but is often focused on supporting the development of Global Education policy, strategy, funding mechanism or a piece of joint research. Requests for tailored support for a ministry, agency or co-ordinating body usually happen during or in connection with GENE Roundtable events or through informal discussions with the GENE Secretariat.