Programme of National Support
2019 – 2021

The GENE Programme of National Support follows the GENE Increase Programme that ran from 2016 – 2018, supported by the European Commission and GENE participating Ministries and Agencies. This programme is co-designed with national Ministries and Agencies in order to tailor specific activities to the national Global Education context.

Aim of the Programme of National Support

To strengthen Global Education policy at national level by offering support the Ministries and Agencies participating in GENE.

The support offered is twofold.

First, the programme provides the Ministries and Agencies participating in GENE with an opportunity to strengthen their structures, coordination and funding mechanisms for Global Education, as well as getting inspired by similar experiences from other policy contexts throughout Europe.

Second, it provides an opportunity for Ministries and Agencies to share policy learning experiences with other countries, to gain insights and get to know what other countries participating in the Programme are currently working on. This may in turn feed into their own learning at national level.

Focus of the Programme

To strengthen Global Education policy, participating institutions in the GENE Programme of National Support may consider the following areas of engagement:

Political recognition of Global Education from relevant ministries and agencies, the whole government, and/or local and regional authorities.

Policy-making, based on knowledge of the field, strategic vision, dialogue with national stakeholders and/or learning from international peers and international organisations.

Co-ordination of Global Education stakeholders, including different ministries and agencies, local and regional authorities, civil society organisations, through occasional activities (national seminars, a Peer Review, for example) and/or structured mechanisms (a permanent working group, a National Strategy, for example).

Financial support mechanisms for Global Education activities (e.g. direct financing, collaboration with civil society organisations, occasional grants and/or specific budget lines).

Programme Activities

National consultation process involves a dialogue among the key stakeholders of Global Education at the national level. This may take on a slightly different form in each country and lead to a national seminar, symposium or forum.

Co-funding mechanism enables an increase of funding for Global Education, or the establishment of a specific funding line for Global Education at the national level. There is an obligation for the national partner to make a financial contribution to the co-funding mechanism.

Technical support – Through dialogue, national partners may identify specific needs for support, identified as a policy gap at the national level, or a specific opportunity to strengthen Global Education policy.

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