Global Education Increase Programme



GENE Increase Programme is aiming at increased support, quality and reach in Global Education and DEAR in a growing number of European countries through capacity building for the development of national structures of coordination, funding and support, in countries where they are emerging or do not exist.



GENE works towards the day when all people in Europe have access to quality Global Education.

This Programme is being implemented as part of the Strengthening Global Education and DEAR in Europe: through Inter-ministerial Networking, Policy Learning, and Capacity-Building Programme supported by the EC.



To support the development and strengthening of structures and mechanism of coordination, policy, support and funding for GE and DEAR at national level, in countries where they are emerging or do not exist.


Target Audience

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, their agencies;
  • Representatives of the European Commission;
  • National DEAR platform, CSO and LA national bodies;
  • Teachers´ institutions, learning centres and youth organisations.



  • National Symposium on Global Education and DEAR;
  • Support for the establishment of a national GE and DEAR co-financing system;
  • Technical Assistance on Global Education and learning from good practice in Europe;
  • Support to the development a national strategy on GE and DEAR.