Roundtable 38 – Oslo, Norway

Roundtable 38, Oslo, Norway

The importance of the Roundtable as an opportunity to share policy analysis and learning, common challenges and solutions was stressed by Mr. Liam Wegimont, Chair of GENE in his welcoming speech.

Presentation on past and future calls for proposals on Development Education and Awareness Raising in the EU was made via video link by representatives of EC DEVCO.

ANGEL, the Academic Network on Global Education and Learning which was established with the support of GENE was presented by Prof. Massimiliano Tarozzi. The objective of the network is to be a bridge between researchers and policy makers in Global Education.

A summary of the draft results of the formative evaluation on the current GENE project 2015-2018, co-financed by the EC was presented by Dr. Jean-Marie Krier and Ms. Susannne Höck.

Workshops on cross-cutting issues were focused on: Who is reached by programmes of GE and who should be reached? Opportunities and challenges for GE related to SDG 4.7; OECD PISA 2018 Global competences, what, how and why?

During the RT, three parallel working groups were organised to present the key ideas and activities to participants and engage participation in the planning process: Networking and Partnership; Peer learning and Recognition of quality practice; Support to GENE participants and Policy Analysis.

Global Education in Norway was presented in the following workshops: ESD in curriculum renewal in Norway; Results and impact of GE/DEAR in Norway; Good practices of GE/DEAR in Norway.