A Peer Review Process with Estonia is taking place during 2019.

The Peer Review of Estonia is taking place during 2019, with the international team visit to Tallinn in May and the report published at the end of the year.

The Peer Review of Cyprus took place during 2017. The launch of the national report took place at the House of Representatives in Nicosia, Cyprus, during GENE Roundtable 37.

The Peer Review of Belgium took place in 2016, with the report launched at the 2017 GENE spring Roundtable in Brussels.

The Peer Review of Ireland was finalised in 2015, with the national launch of the report in November 2015 and the European launch at the 2016 spring Roundtable.

GENE is also engaging in a retrospective comparative analysis of the Peer Reviews to date, with a publication forthcoming this winter 2018/2019.

International team visit to Tallinn 2019

Peer Review of Estonia 2019. Core partners, reference group members and international team.

Launch of the Cyprus Peer Review National Report at the House of Representatives in Nicosia, October 2017