Frequently Asked Questions – Global Education Innovation Award 2017 – 2018:

I found the application in a PDF format on GENE website, but I could not fill it in…

The PDF format application is just informative, so that you can prepare in advance the responses. However, only a filled-in online application will be accepted.

How long the answers are supposed to be?

The length of the answers is usually indicated in the online application form and may differ from question to question. In some cases, short answers are required (36 characters), in others, a short paragraph is possible (72 characters).

Can we fill in the application in other than English language?

Only application in English will be accepted.

 Can a person running global education activities apply for the Award?

No, an individual cannot apply for the Award, only a legal entity, an organisation or an institution, is allowed.

Can a private company apply for the Award?

Yes, any legally based organization can apply for the Award be it a private company, state organisation, non-profit organization etc.

Can the short videos be in a local language?

Only videos in English or with English subtitles will be accepted.

I cannot find the link to the application…

The link to the application form can be found on GENE website under APPLICATION section where the sign CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE APPLICATION FORM will take you directly to the application form.

You can also use this link:

How long the videos have to be?

2-5 minutes per video is an appropriate length.

We are an organization outside of Europe but we are running activities in Europe, can we apply?

No, you cannot apply, only organizations based in Europe are eligible.