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Innovation Award 2017 – 2018

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How to apply

Applicants are invited to present a new idea of a transformative Global Education initiative, both as a text (max 1500 words) and through a short video (2-5 min).

English is the working language of GENE. GENE is a small, independent foundation and we are unable to read and review applications for funding in multiple languages, so please submit all materials in English (and videos with English subtitles).

The description should include:

  1. A clearly demonstrated purpose, as well as a note on what is new or innovative about the idea;
  2. An explanation of how the initiative contributes to transformative Global Education learning, and how this links with action and social change;
  3. How the issue addressed relates to the local as well as global levels (global-local interconnectedness);
  4. Your educational approach and the role of the learners in the process;
  5. A short needs analysis (using e.g. SWOT);
  6. An estimation of the risks involved and how you plan on addressing them;
  7. An overview of how and when you will put your idea into practice (i.e. an implementation plan);
  8. How you plan to ensure the sustainability of the initiative.

Applications submitted in partnership with other organisations / actors are encouraged.

Please note that no initiatives of a promotional or documenting nature will be awarded, nor will repetition of something already existing.

The activities should be realised within the forthcoming 24 months after the award. It is understood that each initiative may take 4-6 months for the preparation phase (including additional fundraising – other than the Award, if needed) for smaller initiatives, and 6-12 months for larger ones. The implementation phase may take 1-12 months depending of the initiative.

Please note that a successful application process involves a peer review of your application by another applicant, as well as, your review of another application. The purpose of this exercise is to include your views with regards to innovation in Global Education. We will make sure that both the received and given feedback will remain confidential.

As GENE believes in peer learning, all awardees will be asked to participate in feedback groups.