Strengthening quality Global Education and DEAR in Europe: supporting Ministries and Agencies

GENE-EC Programme 2019 – 2021


Overall Goal:

To contribute to an increase in the quality and reach of Global Education (GE) providing greater access for growing numbers of people to quality Global Education in growing number of European countries.

Programme Areas:

Networking – to deepen policy exchange and policy learning among European countries in the fields of Global Education;

Global Education policy learning – through peer review and follow-up support to achieve quality Global Education in European countries;

Support to ministries and agencies participating in GENE – aiming at strengthening Global Education policy at national level;

Research generated and adapted for use by policy makers in the field of Global Education;

Recognition, visibility and re-enforcement of quality Global Education practices in Europe, in order to inspire better public policies in the field;

Partnership with relevant regional and global organisations working on Global Education and DEAR.

Please find information on the previous GENE Programme 2016-2018.

Co-funded by the European Commission.