Strengthening Global Education and DEAR in Europe

GENE-EC Programme 2015 – 2018


GENE is implementing a Programme for Strengthening Global Education and DEAR in Europe through Inter-ministerial Networking, Policy Learning, and Capacity-Building (2015 – 2018), funded by the European Commission.

Overall Goal: To increase the quality and reach of Global Education (GE) and Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) at national and European levels, in order to provide greater access for growing numbers of people in Europe to quality GE and DEAR.

Programme Purpose: To increase and improve the provision of GE and DEAR in a growing number of European countries through multilateral networking for policy learning, capacity building and enhanced quality between an increasing number of national Ministries and Agencies.


The Programme Areas include:


Peer Reviews

Capacity Building and Innovation

Policy Analysis

Global and Regional Processes

Information and Visibility