Global Education Innovation Award

Selection Criteria 2017

  • Creativity – a genuine process that demonstrates outside-the-box thinking.
  • Interconnectedness – a global / local interconnectedness what happens in a local context has an influence at the global level, the so-called “glocal” dimension.
  • Change in perceptions – strengthening positive approaches in terms of behavior, attitudes and values.
  • Educational approach – an approach where the learner is placed at the centre of the learning process and takes an active role in it, whether in formal, non-formal or informal educational settings.
  • Coherence – the initiative enhances synergies and coherence between the purpose, the results and the testimonies of the beneficiaries.
  • Outreach – the beneficiaries of the initiative. GENE particularly welcomes initiatives that address groups that are not engaged – for example low-skilled unemployed populations, young people not in education, employment or training, or groups that are considering radical nationalist, religious and/ or racist ideologies as the only options available.
  • Potential for scaling up and sustainability – the capacity to learn from experience and even failure in order to promote a sustainable future in the long run
  • Inspiring for Public Policy – GENE facilitates policy learning and for this reason experiences that can become show cases for public policy are welcome.

Selection Process in 2017

The Selection process for the Award 2017 comprised of three phases:

Phase 1

An online pre-selection based on the defined criteria by the GENE Secretariat.

Phase 2

The selection process carried out by the International Selection Committee composed of participants of GENE and international experts. Each of them proposed an individual list of the most innovative initiatives, based on the shortlist and the Scoreboard.

Phase 3

The final selection process carried out by GENE Board, based on the selection of the International Selection Committee members. The Final selection considered additional criteria of diversity and geographical balance.


Official Announcement of the Award:                     1 May 2017
Deadline for Applications:                                        31 July 2017 (at 23.55 CET)
Final Selection:                                                           22 September 2017
Award Ceremony 2017:                                             6 October 2017 – RT37 Cyprus


For more information, please see the following sections:

Awardees 2017